About Our Homeowner's Association...

This is a private association whose members are comprised of current homeowners of condos at Spyglass Landing. 

Board Meetings:
* The Board of Director's meeting follows "Robert Rules of Order" for Parliamentary Procedure. 

If a homeowner wishes to formally be added to the agenda of a meeting they should call or email Jamie Roberts at Arbor Management Company at least one week before the meeting and state their purpose.

The Board's meetings will be held the third Wednesday of each month.


Annual Meeting- is held once a year in September.

Homeowners Forums- these meetings are held during the year as determined by the Board of Directors.

*Minutes of Board of Directors meetings are posted and can be  printed from the Board of Directors page.  



SpyGlass Landing

TELEGRAPH HILL Marshfield, Massachusetts

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Website - Marcia Walsh, Warren Hermance
Rules and Regulations- Joe Wolfe, Mark Sullivan, Eileen White, Ann Quinn
Landscape-   Danette McGovern, Charlene Lyons, Peggy Smith, Linda Pomroy, Tom Duval

Landscape/Irrigation- Bernie Kiley
Finance/Investment/Insurance- Roger Ladd, Bernie Kiley, Tom Crane, Jim Bailey, Paul Woods, Sharon Hargraves
Design Review- Jerry Covey, Peg Little, Corinne Orlinski, Mary Farrell and Jim Grim
Waste Water Treatment Plant- John Kurtak, Don Springhetti, Bernie Kiley
Social/Activities/Recreation- MaryBeth Ladd, Becky Heartquist , Marquerite Tylick, Janet Wawroski 

Construction/Cement Projects- George Govoni


2019-2020 Board of Directors

Spyglass Landing

Spyglass Landing

President: Gerry Covey

Vice President-Facilities and Services: 
Robert Quinn
Vice President-Facilities and Services: 
Peter Bailey
Vice President and Treasurer:
Bob Beaumont
Vice President and Clerk: 
Vin Albanese

Management Company: Arbor Management Company Inc.

Website- please submit work requests on-line


All correspondence should be directed to the Management company